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We see our Mission in uniting the efforts of investors from all corners of the planet, who striving to make the world cleaner and safer, and manufacturers of advanced technologies in the field of logistics, who are ready to offer the market solutions to avoid the consumption of carbon fuels and materials. We invest our knowledge and efforts to bring green technologies to the most carbon-intensive industries such as road freight transport. The World Bank believes that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is critical in the fight against climate change. We connect people who understand the importance of the practical use of green technologies and professionals who directly implement advanced solutions.


The LogisTech Green Investments project enables investors from anywhere in the world to channel money to the EU sectors most interested in green investments, such as road freight transport. The operator of the project is the transport and logistics company Vega Transport Logistics Sp.z o.o. (PL, Warsaw). At the same time, Vega Transport Logistics is attracting electric vehicle manufacturers, electricity providers and IT logistic solutions as a professional player and buyer of equipment and technology. We see that all over the world there is a growing demand for green technologies and for green investments, as a result. Thus, Vega Transport Logistics actively participates in and strives to influence the dynamically developing green technology market.

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The decisions of the national ministries of the EU countries and the Swiss Confederation, the support of the World Bank and other large financial organizations confirm the authorities’ readiness to invest in the creation of an unprecedented network of charging stations, which ensure the movement of electric freight transport along the main transit routes of the EU. The major suppliers of trucks, such as Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, MAN, DAF, have announced that they will be moving away from the carbon-consuming fleet. Given the rather ambitious timeline for the implementation of the transition to electric transport until 2030, we can say that the world is on the verge of revolutionary changes in the field of cargo transportation. We are able to change the world for the better!


Vega Transport Logistics, as the project operator, is combining the efforts of investors and equipment manufacturers on its platform. The company plans to launch by 2025 test routes between the logistics hubs of the regions: Warsaw – Berlin (600 km), Stuttgart-Berlin (650 km), Stuttgart – Zurich (250 km), Stuttgart – Innsbruck (350 km).


Working out every challenge in detail and following the demands of the time, Vega Transport Logistics offers cooperation in the development and implementation of green technologies in road transport. We are ready to discuss the possibilities of cooperation related to both the implementation of promising technology and the optimization of operating costs on the most popular routes.


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